Scented Pelargonium Seeds for Sale

Scented Pelargonium Seeds for Sale
Scented Pelargonium Seeds (scented geraniums seeds)  available for sale on our eBay Store and our Etsy-Shop  Free shipping.
As always, free bonus seeds with any order.  Seeds individually checked and packed by hand. Ship worldwide overnight.
Pelargoniums grown from seed are generally more vigorous than cuttings. The seeds obtained in 2011 through open pollination and therefore sports may occur.

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The following varieties will be available after the 2012 harvest.
  • Pelargonium Prince of Orange
  • Pelargonium Frensham Lemon
  • Pelargonium Citronella
  • Pelargonium Citronellum
  • Pelargonium Crispum
  • Pelargonium Citrosum
  • Pelargonium x Fragrans:Nutmeg
  • Pelargonium x Fragrans:Apple-Nutmeg
  • Pelargonium Tutti-Frutti
  • Pelargonium Odoratissimum
  • Pelargonium Grossularioides
  • Pelargonium Hispidum
  • Pelargonium Papilionaceum
  • Pelargonium Glutinosum
  • Pelargonium Abrotanifolium
  • Pelargonium Capitatum
  • Pelargonium Radens
  • Pelargonium Cucullatum
  • Pelargonium Graveolens
  • Pelargonium Englerianum
  • Pelargonium Mollicomum
  • Pelargonium Myrhifolium
  • Pelargonium Ardwick Cinnamon
  • Pelargonium Extipulatum
  • Pelargonium Scabrum
  • Pelargonium Marie Thomas
  • Pelargonium Quercifolium
  • Pelargonium Denticulatum

More info about how to grow pelargoniums / geraniums from seeds in our Blog :